Why Corporate Massage?

Corporate massage reduces the cost of disability, drugs, and absenteeism.

Stress-related illness is one of the main contributors to disability claims in the workplace. Insurance payouts for mental health and nervous disorders can put a company in the red. So, reducing stress in the workplace is crucial to keeping benefit costs down. Consider workplace massage to be an ounce of preventative medicine. It reduces worker stress, bottom line.

Corporate massage attracts and keeps good workers.

Attracting good workers (and keeping them) keeps managers awake at night. They know that employee health and satisfaction are key to workplace stability. A corporate wellness strategy keeps good employees happy and keeps business running smoothly. Which means the entire company gets a good night’s rest.

Corporate massage improves workplace morale.

Satisfied workers are more productive and are healthier too. When employees know that their company cares for them as well as it does its profit, they’re more relaxed, focused, and motivated. The result: a brighter bottom line and a contented workforce. That’s a win-win.